Common mistakes in BC

01. 29. 2023

Common mistakes in BC

While professions are pretty important in classic since they let you craft your own stuff instead of forcing you to find someone with the necessary skills and then probably having to pay a fee in addition to material costs, in bc it's a whole other story. Professions jumped up a lot in importance as there are plenty of skills that can only be used if you have a certain level in the necessary profession or are straight up soulbound. The most obvious example is the well-known drums of war which gives a buff to the whole party, increasing their haste, however they require leather-working of 350. There are also plenty of mage sets depending on which you prefer in tailoring, i generally go for the spellfire as it ramps up your damage nicely and warriors get the lionheart champion and later the lionheart executioner from blacksmithing.


Along with professions reps became more important as well, as they're generally required for higher difficulties of dungeons. Generally my advice is to ignore questing for a few levels when you get to outland and focus completely on dungeons as they are gonna level you up but more importantly they are also gonna get you the much needed rep, which is gonna make the whole experience smoother as you wont have to farm the steam vaults just for reps.

Quest rewards

Taking note of the quest rewards was important in classic as well, however, in BC there are plenty quest rewards that are useful throughout the whole first tier of raids, which is why you should be extra cautious about picking your rewards and paying a lot of heed to the fact that you might not be playing a tank warrior right now, but in raids that's gonna be your job and while a bit of a damage increase from that sword might be good for now, but the BiS tanking belt would hold you over for the whole tier.


Now for the elephant in the room. BC introduced the choice between warming up to the aldor who are the draenei in Shattrath or the scryers who are the blood elves in outland not aligned with Kael'thas. Now this mostly comes down to class in the long run, since its basically the choice of an enchant. However at the start it can have a huge impact on your performance in raids as there are quite a few pre-raid BiS items that are sold by the factions and are well worth it if youre trying to be competitive from the get go. Now the general rule of thumb is to pick Aldor if youre a tank, healer or melee dps otherwise pick scryer. There are a few exceptions and you should look into it further but thats generally how i pick on my characters.

These are my 4 mistakes people make when they're playing BC for the first time. Now if you dont want to wait for blizzard to release an official BC server, you can check this list of private wow servers and pick one that's right for you.