Hunter Talent Guide

01. 14. 2023

Hunter Talent Guide

Here is an overview of what talents to use as you level your Hunter along with some level 70 talent builds. The best guide to playing a Hunter I've found is at Killer Guides. You can always make your Hunter better by getting a lot of gold and buying the best gear, to do that I strongly recommend using Valkor's Gold Guide for farming massive amounts of gold.

- Overview
- Leveling a Hunter
- Level 70 Talent Builds


Hunters are typically known for launching an array of attacks at a distance by using a ranged weapon, such as a bow or rifle. With the aid of their pet, they are capable of taking on multiple enemies at a time. The Hunter is known to be one of the best soloing classes in game. They are imbued with natural abilities to survive in the wilderness and possess abilities to track, trap, and damage their enemies usually without their enemies being ready for it. The Hunter class can tame animals in the wild, train them, and use them to distract or damage enemies. The Hunter can dual wield and has a limited amount of abilities that will help it in melee or close counter battles.

Leveling a Hunter

If you really want to blaze through the levels check out either Brian Kopp's 1-70 Guide (Alliance) or Joana's 1-70 Guide (Horde)

The Hunter can be leveled to 10 using a combination of melee and ranged weapons if available. Once the Hunter is level 10 it can tame beasts to use as its tank and then it can stand back and cause damage with its ranged abilities. This is the recommended and most efficient way to level the Hunter as proven in Joana's 1-70 guide in 9 days where a Hunter is used to level to 70 in the fastest recorded solo time known. The Hunter can also melee with its pet if desired but it will be more productive at ranged. Ensure the pet is enhanced for dps so that the pet will maintain aggro without having to use its taunt ability. This will allow the pet and Hunter combined damage to reach its highest potential.

Pet Master

The fastest leveling class in the game is without any competition, the Hunter. The best Hunter leveling setup is without a doubt using a pet to tank and absorb the majority of the damage in each fight. Using the talent structure below will get the Hunter started in the right direction.


The best melee and PvP build for Hunters that get right into the action contains talents found in the Survival tree. Whether it's improved defense, traps, health, avoidance, or attack power; the survival tree has it all.

Level 70 Talent Builds

Beast Mastery 46/12/3

The Beast Mastery build is especially geared towards solo'ing/leveling. It places emphasis on your pet's ability to tank and do damage.

Marksmanship 0/52/9

This Marksmanship build is PvP ready but can tweaked to be a strong PvE build. Either way familiarize yourself with the three trees and make sure you're comfortable with your Marksmanship build.