Mage Talent Guide

01. 12. 2023

Mage Talent Guide

Here is an overview of what talents to use as you level your Mage along with some level 70 talent builds. The best guide to playing a Mage I've found is at Killer Guides. You can always make your Mage better by getting a lot of gold and buying the best gear, to do that I strongly recommend using Valkor's Gold Guide for farming massive amounts of gold.

- Overview
- Leveling a Mage
- Level 70 Talent Builds


Mages are considered a master of the elements using anything from fire, frost, or arcane magic to kill or immobolize their enemies. They can deal massive damage in shorts amount of time but wear cloth and are extremely fragile from melee attacks. The Mage can lay waste to a group of enemies with its ability to deal damage within an area rather than just a single target. They also possess the ability to summon portals which can cut down on travelling time, summon food and drink for their allies and themselves, or even buff their allies to increase their spell casting ability.

Leveling a Mage

If you really want to blaze through the levels check out either Brian Kopp's 1-70 Guide (Alliance) or Joana's 1-70 Guide (Horde)

The safest and easiest way to level a Mage is to use a direct damage spell on a single target, finish it off, repeat the process, and drink summoned water to replenish the Mage's mana pool when needed. At level 14, the Mage will get Arcane Explosion which will allow it to kill a group of enemies at the same time. This process is a very fast way to level but is more risky and requires the Mage to summon more drink. The fastest way to level is to use area of effect magic on a group of enemies slightly lesser in power than the Mage itself. Later on in game frost area of effect is preferred to continue leveling in this fashion.

Fire Mage

Fire Mages are very fun for 1v1 PvP battles. With Impact you will have a small chance to stun your opponent, Flame Throwing will give you an edge over opponents who aren't close to you yet, etc. This build is strong in level 19-29 battlegrounds but not so much for solo'ing mobs.

Frost Mage

This is the tree you want to follow if you will be solo'ing, and thanks to Ice Block at level 30 you will be a bit more challenging to gank on PvP servers.

Level 70 Talent Builds

Fire Mage 10/47/3

This Fire build allows you to dominate your fire spells and transitions nicely from the Fire leveling build above. Dragon's Breath is a nice touch for PvP encounters as well as dealing DPS in PvE situations.

Frost Mage 41/0/20

This build emphasizes incredibly high chances to crit, which results in massive burst potential. With the proper itemization and experience playing this Frost Mage build I think you'll find it to be among one of the most enjoyable characters to play.