Paladin Talent Guide

01. 05. 2023

Paladin Talent Guide

Here is an overview of what talents to use as you level your Paladin along with some level 70 talent builds. The best guide to playing a Paladin I've found is at Killer Guides. You can always make your Paladin better by getting a lot of gold and buying the best gear, to do that I strongly recommend using Valkor's Gold Guide for farming massive amounts of gold.

- Overview
- Leveling a Paladin
- Level 70 Talent Builds


Paladins can fill multiple rolls in groups and be very effective solo'ers. If its talents and gear are placed right a Paladin is capable of filling the role of Priest and healing in groups, the advantage obviously being Paladins wear plate armor and take less damage. When there is no need for a Paladin to heal it can also be a very efficient tank or be used as a backup tank, healer, or ressurecter at the same time. Paladins have powerful auras and buffs to enhance themselves and allies in and out of combat. They have the ability to wear a shield and a one- handed weapon or use a two-handed weapon to deal damage. The Paladin is a holy class and has abilities to cause extra damage the undead and demonic creatures in the world. They have several abilities that can make them outlast any opponent and escape from many battles.

Leveling a Paladin

If you really want to blaze through the levels check out either Brian Kopp's 1-70 Guide (Alliance) or Joana's 1-70 Guide (Horde)

To level the Paladin go with a two-handed weapon and an offensive build. Use healing in combat and out of combat when necessary. The auras from the Paladin make its offensive output more desirable otherwise it will be a slow leveling process if the Paladin's setup is more defensive. It can wear plate armor to take less damage during fights but will probably have problems trying to heal itself while fighting two enemies at a time. It doesn't put out as much damage as some of the other classes so the fights will be longer, but the Paladin is one of the most durable and hardest to kill classes in the game.


Paladins need the correct talent build and weapon / armor setup to be productive and producing damage per second. The Retribution tree is where most of the dps talents will come from. Killing will still be slower than other dps classes but combined with the Paladin's high armor and fight endurance; it leaves little room for disappointment.


The hardest class for any melee player to kill is the Paladin. It's not because they are impossible to catch, it's because in defensive mode with a shield the damage absorption is so high that even a high geared Rogue has problems causing enough damage to a Paladin and keeping it stunlocked long enough to prevent it from healing. It can almost match a Warrior in tanking ability if focus is placed in this talent tree. This would probably be the slowest talent / class leveling speed combination in the game.

Level 70 Talent Builds

Healing Paladin (Healadin) 43/13/5

The Healadin is powerhouse healer in plate armor. Specializing in keeping their allies alive, Healadins are very affective in both PvE and PvP.

Protection Paladin 0/44/7

This is a tank build that will allow you to tank in high-end instances for large raid groups.