World of Warcraft Dire Maul Guide

11. 30. 2022

World of Warcraft Dire Maul Guide

This is a World of Warcraft Dire Maul Instance Guide. To do a Dire Maul Tribute run you need enough materials for building a frost trap:

- 1 Frost Oil created by Alchemist
- 1 Thorium Widget created by Engineer

Both are easy to obtain on the Auction House for a fair price.

You will also need the materials for an Ogre Suit:

- 4 Bolt of Runecloth created by a tailor
- 8 Rugged Leather found by a skinner
- 1 Ogre Tannin found inside the instance, binds on pickup
- 2 Rune Thread purchased from a vendor

The Ogre Tannin is found half way through Dire Maul and is bind on pickup so you will have to
trust the person that you let loot it.

It also requires you to kill some mobs that are otherwise unnecessary. If you come into the instance with an ogre tannin already you won't need to kill these mobs you can come back to them after you finish the instance the mobs will be friendly. So it might be effective to send a ninja into someone else's Dire Maul group to ninja the ogre tannin and hearth out. But I do not recommend this because some people don't appreciate it.

You create the frost trap in the Dire Maul, you do not need to have any profession. The same is true for the ogre suit, you do not need to have any profession. Do not kill any of the bosses in the instance, sneak by them. This is done by being very careful. If you see them run back!

You will need a rogue with 300 lockpicking to open the door after the second boss. The final boss is really easy to kill. You will want to keep Cho'Rush the Observer, his bodyguard, alive through the entire battle. To do this, have someone offtank him far enough away so he can't heal the King. Kill the King first then the Observer will become your friend and give you the mad loots.

To get a lot of gold in dire maul tribute purchase invisibility potions and do the instance very quickly. Once you kill the King you will be able to run to the entrance (all the mobs become your friend) without a problem and summon someone. You can do this with 3 people (if you're good) and summon a 4th from Orgrimmar who will pay 70-150g for the loot. I paid 70g for my Redoubt Cloak because it wouldn't drop for me.

Here is the possible loot:

- 22% Cyclone Spaulders
- 16% Elemental Plate Girdle
- 14% Tarnished Elven Ring
- 13% Unyielding Maul
- 13% Gordok Bracers of Power
- 11% Barrier Shield
- 11% Ogre Forged Hauberk
- 11% Mindsurge Robe
- 9% Redoubt Cloak
- 8% Counterattack Lodestone
- 7% Rod of the Ogre Magi